Wednesday, April 20, 2011


'He was perhaps eight feet tall, perhaps more. His forward stoop, with arms dangling past thick claw-footed legs to the ground, made it hard to tell. The hairless green skin moved upon his body. His head was a gash of a mouth, a yard-long nose, and two eyes which were black pools, without pupil or white, eyes which drank the feeble torchlight and never gave back a gleam.'
Three Hearts and Three Lions - Poul Anderson

This truly must be where the D&D troll came from. During the fight the regenerative qualities of the monster are described and finally they figure out how to kill him.

I have finished this book, first of the Appendix N books that I have read (besides Tolkien) , first in the list of Appendix N books - overall I enjoyed the book and can see how it had an impact on the creators of the game. I wonder what D&D would be like if ALL designers were required to read Appendix N in order to get a job.

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