Saturday, April 9, 2011

Silver Cords

`Yasmina!' Again that far, weirdly dreeing cry, from realms immeasurable. `Aid me! I am far from my mortal house! Wizards have drawn my soul through the wind-blown darkness. They seek to snap the silver cord that binds me to my dying body. They cluster around me; their hands are taloned, their eyes are red like flame burning in darkness. Aie, save me, my sister! Their fingers sear me like fire! They would slay my body and damn my soul! What is this they bring before me? -Aie!' 
-- The People of the Black Circle - Robert E. Howard

Outside of D&D, this is the first time I have seen mention of a silver cord.

What is neat here is that he is communicating to a Devi (which I assume is a holy woman, however it is a Hindu word), this information, which she hears as 'faint and far away'

Idea for adventure - A king has been cursed by evil sorcery. While still alive, he is trapped on the astral plane. The characters must brave the astral plane and find him. All of the information they have is in cryptic dream-like fragments spoken by the king and translated by his close advisor. An obvious twist would be the the advisor is part of the problem and has given them false information, maybe from some grudge on the characters or maybe the advisor wants some astral being defeated.

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